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At York Eye Associates we provide comprehensive eye examinations for everyone in the entire family. From infants to the elderly, we provide vision examinations designed to detect conditions that can affect the clarity of your vision. Our exams include testing for refractive disorders that are corrected with glasses or contact lenses, and also include diagnostic testing for a wide range of visual problems that can result in uncomfortable, blurry vision.

During our comprehensive vision examination, we check the health of your eyes, how clearly you see, as well as how the entire visual system is performing. To best meet your visual needs we offer all treatment options: glasses, contact lenses, laser surgery co-management, medications for infections, and/or medical referrals when necessary.

The following are brief descriptions of different areas assessed in your comprehensive vision examination.



Before you're seen by our doctors, an optometric technician will run a series of tests to check the general health of your eyes. Using a series of sophisticated instruments, the technician will measure the power of your eye to focus at distance, the pressures inside your eye (glaucoma screening), curvature of your eye, prescription in your old glasses (if applicable), your field of vision (peripheral vision), and an optomap picture.

Once you are in the exam room, the technician will also take a detailed medical history. Many health conditions and medications may affect your eyes: therefore, it is important that we understand your general health and are aware of medications you take including vitamins, herbal supplements, tobacco, alcohol or other substances. This is especially important if we need to prescribe any medications for eye related conditions so there are no adverse reactions. Past injuries to the head or eye itself are important in understanding your visual performance, as well as the work, school, hobbies and recreational activities you enjoy. Understanding your visual needs allows us to better evaluate and make recommendations to enhance your vision and your quality of life.

The technician will run a preliminary check on how clearly you are seeing using the familiar eye chart. Once this is done, The doctors will review all the pretest data and continue the exam.


One very important part of your annual eye exam is to ensure that your eyes are healthy and free of disease. Besides the information gathered by the technician, our doctors use several instruments to help determine the state of your eyes' health. The slit-lamp is a high-powered microscope designed to give the doctors a very close look at your cornea, iris, lens and eyelids. An ophthalmoscope allows the doctors to shine a bright light into your eyes so that they may get a close look at your optic nerve and the surrounding tissues.

Routine dilated examinations are an important and painless part of your first visit. The pupil of the eye is like a window. Dilating the pupils allows the doctor to see the entire back of the eye to make sure it is healthy. Most eye diseases do not have painful or noticeable symptoms until it is too late. Early detection of serious eye diseases can prevent sight loss. Your eyes are completely evaluated inside and out for not only eye disease, but other health problems that affect the eyes. The following is an example of visual and health problems that can be detected with a routine dilation:

Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Retinal Disease, Retinal Detachments, High Cholesterol, Hyperthyroidism, Hypertension, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis.


Because it is our goal to eliminate all visual obstacles, we routinely provide expanded assessment of eye tracking, focusing and teaming skills to determine if your visual system is working as efficiently as it should be. We will check to see if your eyes aim, move and work as a coordinated team, if they maintain clear vision at varying distances, and if you can accurately control your eye movements. Eighty percent of what we learn comes through the visual system. Problems with poor visual skills can affect ones performance in school, work, or play. Visual deficiencies may cause an individual to slow down, be less accurate, experience excessive fatigue, or make errors. Symptoms of headaches, eyestrain, miscopying, frequent loss of place, difficulty sustaining attention, and blurred or double vision relate directly to deficient visual skills of tracking, focusing, or eye teaming.


Many sight-threatening eye diseases are very treatable if they are caught early, so it is critical that these tests are run every year. Just like seeing the dentist, it is better to visit your doctor before something is seriously wrong, so that risk factors can be identified, small problems managed, and bigger problems avoided.

Many eye diseases are silent threats to your vision with no obvious symptoms until it is too late. The only way to detect them is regular eye exams. Our goal at York Eye Associates is to not only provide our patients with the clearest sight possible, but also to ensure that you have a healthy visual system that will last a lifetime.

If you have not had a recent eye exam or if you are looking for a practice that is committed to providing the very best in vision care, then we invite you to call our office to schedule an examination. We are here to help!


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    York Eye is great! Great doctors and extremely friendly staff! No wait time and it was a quick visit. I got contacts for a very reasonable price as well. I will definitely be going here for exams from now on.

    Bethany S.

    York Eye Associates is a eye clinic with state of the art equipment. Their staff is friendly yet very professional. My experiences over the years of treatments has been excellent and I'm a loyal customer for life. Thanks to all the staff at York Eye Associates for the assets you bring to this community.

    Steve C

    Most thorough eye exams I've had with any doctor. Takes the time to completely go over your exam and explaining results. Before going to Dr. York I had almost given up on contacts but she fitted me correctly and keeps me informed of new advances in that industry.

    Jim B.